Dual Tapping Head with Self-Reversing Feature

Also available in: Spanish

Also available in: Spanish

Tapping Two Holes at Once

Tapping Two Holes at Once

Tapping Two (or more) Holes At Once

(The head shown can be used for drilling or tapping by simply removing the tapper items. This is a custom build and not how we typically do dual hole tapping-only machines.)

When tapping two holes at the same time, a multiple spindle head is often a simple solution. It is also a solution when tapping many more holes at the same time.

This page details a semi-custom solution for a head that can be used for drilling or tapping. To tap two holes simultaneously with a dual spindle head, AutoDrill replaced each collet with a self-reversing tapping head. This enables simple machinery, such as a drill press or a vertical milling machine to tap more than a single hole at a time without reversing the motor, etc.

If the customer wants to drill two holes at a time in the pattern provided, they simply remove the tapping components and install standard drills as on any other AutoDrill Multi-Drill Spindle head.

One advantage of this set-up is that a customer can pre-drill hundreds or even thousands of parts, switch out the drills for the tapping components and then tap all of those parts very reliably. The thread pitch is not important since a self-reversing tap head is in use. The set-up shown could be used for inch, metric or even pipe threads.

Of course, these heads can be used on drilling machines that automatically reverse without the additional self-reversing Tapmatic heads installed.

AutoDrill also offers self-feeder tap and drill units if you do not wish to use an existing drill press or Bridgeport Mill-style set-up. Below is a photo of the typical drill press tapping set-up where the singular tap head is used to tap two or more holes at one time.

Tapping Several Holes With Drill Press

Tapping Seven Holes With Drill Press



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